Sat 4 April - Mon 13 April 2020

Skyervoy to Alta. Ski Touring and Sailing in Finnmark


9 nights on board and the potential for 7 or 8 days skiing. Skjervoy and the adjacent island of Arnoya offers a perfect start to this trip, we then sail east to Finnmark which is less developed than the Lyngen alps and offers adventurous anchorages and untracked mountains. Potential for skiing in Reinfjord, Bergsfjord and Oksfjord on Finnmark and some energetic sailing past Loppa island in the Barents Sea all the way to Alta a wayward outpost close to the northern tip of Norway.

This is aimed at experienced ski tourers comfortable to navigate in 'alpine ' terrain, able to assess avalanche risks and with previous comparable unguided touring expertise as this is an unguided tour.

We recommend you fly to Tromso (good international flights) and take the Friday evening express ferry to Skjervoy and local overnight accommodation to join Mahi on Sat 4th.
From Alta there are direct flights home.